3 Window Styles Perfect For Contemporary Homes

When planning a home improvement project, it will serve you best to ensure that your upgrade, whether it’s a new color scheme or a room addition, complements your home’s architecture. This is especially true for window replacement. Windows, after all, are a highly visible design element that can help your home create a bigger impression from the curb.

Before choosing your replacement windows, you should take a moment to review the distinctive features of your home’s style. Contemporary residential architecture, for instance, will feature neat and simple exteriors. Homes built in this style will have flat roofing, giving them a unique, sleek appearance. The interiors of a Contemporary home are functional and spacious. There’s a noticeable lack of elaborate detailing and visual clutter; instead, the focus is on clean lines and an open layout. If you own a Contemporary home, you’ll want to make sure your new windows can help add to these highlights.

Here are the three top window styles that are perfect for your Contemporary home:

DOUBLE-HUNG WINDOWS. Recognizable by their two operable sashes which you can slide vertically, double-hung windows can provide your home with superior natural ventilation. All you need to do is open both sashes at the same time. This allows warm, stale air to escape via the top sash, while letting in cooler, fresher air through the bottom. Aside from helping cool your home naturally, double-hung windows can prevent poor indoor air quality and its accompanying health risks.

On the aesthetic side, double-hung windows boast a simple but timeless design. In fact, the versatile design can match a range of home styles, so they aren’t likely to look out of place no matter where you have them installed. If you happen to choose double-hung windows, take advantage of customization options that allow them to better complement your Contemporary home. For example:


  • Choose double-hung windows with slimmer frames. This will depend on the framing material they use. Renewal by Andersen®️ and its parent company, Andersen®️ Corporation has exclusive Fibrex®️ composite, which can be shaped into any window style. Fibrex boasts extreme durability, which allows for windows with thinner frames and a more expansive glass area. Given how Contemporary homes focus on space and light, investing in double-hung windows in this material is an excellent option.
  • Create a “wall of light.” A double-hung window has a pretty generous glass area, but installing a row of them on one wall can significantly boost the amount of natural light that can spill into your Contemporary home.
  • Use double-hung windows as focal points in a stairway landing or at the end of the hallway. Contemporary homes are known for their spacious feel, so installing windows in these usually closed areas can be a great design choice.
  • Match hardware finishes to other finishes in your home. If your Contemporary home favors metallic fixtures, for example, you can equip your double-hung windows with hardware finishes that closely resemble them.

SLIDING WINDOWS. These windows feature one or two operable sashes which slide horizontally along tracks instead of swinging out. In addition to their smooth and effortless operation, sliding windows offer improved access to natural light and ventilation. What really sets them apart, however, is their space-saving benefit–sliding windows fit neatly along walls, allowing you to maximize available space in your Contemporary home. But how do make the most of them?


  • Have them installed in your breakfast nook or lounge. Sliding windows are great for brightening up often-used living spaces. Let in cooling breezes as well, to make mealtimes in your Contemporary home more enjoyable and refreshing.
  • Install sliding windows in your bathroom. Who says you can’t have a well-lit bath space that’s also private? You can accomplish this by placing smaller sliding windows high up on your bathroom walls. This will let in plenty of natural light without sacrificing privacy. Moreover, added ventilation will also prevent any lingering moisture and odors.

PICTURE WINDOWS. If there’s one window style that’s a staple in Contemporary homes, it’s picture windows. With their slim frames and expansive glass area, they fit right in with this distinctive architectural style. The generous glass area can help you maximize outdoor views and offers superior access to natural light–this same glass area will also connect indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. The fact that picture windows are inoperable isn’t a downside; in fact, they create an airtight seal that can prevent significant energy loss. This makes picture windows the most energy-efficient window style available.

The value you can add to your Contemporary home via picture windows will depend on your use. You can, for instance:

  • Install them in rooms that open onto patios or decks. This results in a stronger indoor-outdoor connection, which helps allow for a brighter, more spacious home.
  • Use them as corner windows. If you want to add a unique look to your home while also benefiting from a more roomy, light-filled space, consider this design tip.

Improve the look and add to the  architectural accuracy of your Contemporary home with the right window styles. Just make sure to have a premier window company install them to get the most out of your new windows.


Author Bio:

Sam Heer is Owner-President of Renewal by Andersen of Central Illinois, a premier window and door company serving the areas in and around Peoria, Decatur and Champaign, IL. Aside from providing high-quality home improvement solutions, Sam takes an active role in helping those with special needs. He’s a Board Member and volunteer of SNAP (Special Needs Assistance Program).




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