5 Best Layouts for a Large Bathroom

The bathroom is an essential room that helps us to stay clean. Having a large bathroom allows you to play around with different designs and layouts. However, you have to ensure that the bathroom is not only stylish but also functional and accommodating to the needs of the whole family. For instance, you don’t want to put a shower at one end and a towel rack at the other end. Put them together for better functionality.

How to Design a Large Bathroom

Designing your bathroom allows you to tap into creativity; however, don’t forget to incorporate functionality with style. This is why we compiled this list to make it easy to design your bathroom for comfort, class, and functionality.

1. Choose Your Colors

Different colors create diverse environments

The color of the bathroom depends on your preference; however, most people go for basic colors like gray or white. If you’re working with basement bathroom layouts, you can choose colors that complement the rest of the house.

If you want your bathroom to have a neutral but warm feel, you can go with taupe. This color is classic yet modern. Light blue has a calming effect, especially when used on walls; it creates a spa-like environment. You can also use this shade as an accent color. Light blue and white tiles complement each other.

You can also use your bathroom layouts to create an outdoor experience. Green is calm, relaxing, and brings the outdoors to your bathroom, especially on a sunny day. This color goes well with other earthy shades like taupe and brown.

When choosing colors, consider the style and layout of your bathroom. Is it a classic space with ornate features or a modern bathroom with a sleek vanity and tub? Traditional bathrooms; look great in many colors; however, modern bathrooms look good in bright hues, pastels, and crisp whites.

2. The Shower-Tub Combo

When you are torn between having a shower or a tub, you can choose both. The advantage of large bathroom layouts is that you don’t have to worry about space. In bathroom layouts with shower and tub, you ought to plan carefully, for instance, the shower door should not interfere with the toilet or vanity. You don’t have to install a door; you can opt for curtains or glass.

Waterproofing is crucial, especially if you plan to design a 2-in-1 shower and tub combination. You ought to choose the tiles, drain, and other vital materials carefully. It’s also important to invest in the best drain cleaner to keep the drains sparkling.

3. Lighting

Correct lighting adds the appeal of the room

Lighting is crucial in all rooms. It can make a room bubbly or dull. Choosing the correct lighting is necessary, especially for rectangular bathroom layouts, because light needs to be distributed evenly.

Lighting a bathroom is not as complicated as people assume. Start with the ceiling lighting and vanity. You need ceiling lighting for general illumination. You should also light the tub and shower area.

Dimmers are also necessary because they allow you to adjust light intensity. Many people make the mistake of installing many lights in the bathroom. You don’t have to overdo or underdo it. Dimmers can help you work with the light you desire.

4. Include a Vanity Set

Including a pure vanity makes all the difference

Wooden Bathroom

Large bathroom layouts allow you to have a luxurious and stylish bathroom with various features. Take your bathroom to the next level by installing a vanity set. One of the most natural things to do is to buy your furniture decors together with your vanity set so they can match.

Most bathroom designs have horizontal vanities and a single line of cabinetry; these create a streamlined design. Others prefer L-shaped vanities, which provide a lot of space to move around. Galley’s design is made up of 2 vanities with a pass-through between them. Choose a design that pleases you.

5. Bathroom Laundry Combo Layouts

Bathroom laundry combo layouts allow you to maximize your space. Combining the laundry area with your bathroom makes the house more organized. In your layout, this bathroom should have ample space for appliances and an area to load and offload laundry. Also, consider the ventilation and storage areas.


Taking a shower in a large bathroom is calming. However, designing your bathroom allows you to relax in a custom-made space. Why not take advantage of your ample space and create that bathroom you’ve always wanted.

What features would you change in your bathroom? Please leave a comment.

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