5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Bathroom Fixtures

As an interior designer, one of the trickiest jobs you can handle is designing or renovating a bathroom. With these types of projects, you need to have the right technical skills and a good eye for detail and design to fill this space with the right array of fixtures.

Coming up with the right bathroom design and careful planning from the start will help you avoid costly mistakes and changes down the line.

Following these tips below will also ensure you select the right bathroom fixtures that your client will surely love and enjoy using for a long time.

Consider The Style Of The Bathroom And Home

The style of the bathroom and home will serve as the foundation for choosing the ideal fixtures for the bathroom. By choosing the most suitable fixtures that follow the style of the interior, you will be assured of a beautiful bathroom design that complements the look of your client’s home.

Bathroom fixtures come in three primary styles: traditional, contemporary, and transitional.

Traditional is the most popular choice for bathroom fixtures because they go well with most home designs. Contemporary hardware and fixtures are used for modern home designs. Transitional fittings showcase a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

As an interior designer or contractor, your default preference or recommendation will likely be to stick with only one design or style for the bathroom. By doing so, you ensure that the matching fixtures do not interrupt the uniformity of the room and the home.

However, there will be clients who may not like the uniform look of matched hardware. If you find yourself in this situation, heed the preferences of your client but for the bathroom to look tidy and elegant, use the same metal and finish for all hardware.

Select A Sink Based On The Needs Of Your Client

Bathroom sinks come in different types. The most popular ones are top-mount, under-mount, wall-mounted, vessel, and all-in-one sink and countertop.

You can help your client choose the ideal one by asking them what their primary use for this fixture would be.

If they need the sink to double as a storage area, you would do well to recommend a top- or under-mounted sink or even a double sink with lots of underneath storage, especially if the bathroom is spacious.

However, make sure you think about the countertop for the sink and how much space it needs as well. Consider its distance to other fixtures in the bathroom as well such as the mirror, cabinet, etc.

Match The Faucet With The Sink

In selecting a faucet, you have to know what type of sink or vanity will be installed first.

If a vessel sink (which is above-counter) was chosen, you have to pick a faucet which is high enough to accommodate the sink. In case the vanity or sink countertop is pre-drilled, you will have to match your faucet to the holes. For this type of sink, the best options for a faucet are either widespread, center set, or single-hole.

For shower and tub faucets and showerheads, it is best to match them with or choose the same finish as the sink faucet.

Choose The Toilet Wisely

There are a number of design options available for toilets. They come in various shapes, heights, and water flow to suit the style preferences of the homeowner and the space limitations.

Aside from considering the requirements of the homeowner and the bathroom space, choose a toilet that uses less water. Additionally, to give your client a toilet that is low maintenance and easy to clean, choose one that has a smooth glaze to ensure that nothing sticks to the porous ceramic bowl.

Recommend A Bathtub Only If There Is Ample Space

If your client wants a bathtub and the bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate one, rectangular and oval models are the most popular designs.

The tub can be set along a wall, angled into a corner, or even placed in the center of the room. Whichever type you choose, it is best to get one that is over two feet deep to help with comfort and to easily contain the water.

Regarding the material, acrylic is widely recommended since it is durable and long lasting.

In case a shower is the only option because of a lack of space, there are a variety of shower heads to choose from.

These include detachable, rain, jet, and massaging shower heads. Among these types, hand or detachable showers are the most practical since they have the massaging capabilities of body jets in providing the water pressure and flexibility.

If the client is looking for a modern bathing area, you can recommend installing shower glass as a full or partial enclosure.

By knowing your client’s preferences, lifestyle, needs, the home’s overall layout, and space you will be working with, you will be able to select the most suitable fixtures, and create a bathroom your client will be truly satisfied with.


Yahya Zarka is the Managing Director at Concept Bath Trading RAK FZE in Dubai. Backed with 28 years of experience in catering to the Middle Eastern market, the company supplies water-saving bathroom and kitchen solutions as well as tiles and LED light products, all delivered in high quality and stylish designs.

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