7 Modern Ideas for Summer Inspired Room Designs

Things come alive during the summer, and your home shouldn’t be an exception. Summer is one of the best times to redecorate your home and give it the long-overdue upgrade it needs. Whether you’re going for a major revamp or just want to make a few changes here and there, check out these modern room design ideas to inspire you.

1. Use plants and flowers generously.

Summer is the perfect season to use fresh flowers and plants around your home. They not only add color to your space, but they also evoke feelings of serenity with their fresh, natural scent. Plants also help dissipate the summer heat.

Vertical gardens are great space savers for your indoor greenery project, and even the most basic setup will make your condo or apartment look even more attractive.

2. Hang a swag lamp.

A swag lamp that hangs from your ceiling packs a punch if you want your home to look contemporary. Use swag lights to illuminate small areas or highlight your favorite corner at home. That said, go for lamps with an airy design where natural light can pass through even when it’s not turned on.

3. Accentuate your table with a stunning centerpiece.

If you have a bare kitchen or living room table, adding a summer-themed centerpiece is the quickest and easiest way to spruce things up. Whether you choose a sand-and-shell centerpiece with candles or a glass vase with a bouquet for flower ensemble, you’ll surely love the result it will bring.

4. Rock it with your glassware.

Summer is also a time to put your drawing or painting skills in the spotlight. Put some decorative touches on empty bottles or a stack of mason jars and wine glasses as your drawing canvas to make your glassware look brand-new and in tune with the season.

5. Create a casual seating area.

A casual seating area is a fun, creative spot that you can use if you’re hosting a small gathering with family or friends, or if you simply want to unwind with an interesting book or project. To set up a casual seating area, place floor cushions around a low-height table. You can take this design idea indoors, like in the family room, or outdoors on your porch.

6. Bring indoor living outside.

Summer heat can be nasty, so bringing indoor living outside may be a good way to get some of that refreshing breeze. Turn your patio or porch into a mini living room replete with a rug, furniture, and throw pillows.

7. Spruce up your space with colors.

Explore a variety of colors to make your home feel larger, brighter, or cooler. Here are some great picks for the season:


Paint your walls and ceilings with a muted coral tone for a clean and vibrant look that’s perfect for summer. Just like the corals in the oceans, coral represents a sense of beauty and fragility especially when paired with furniture that has a black accent or wall art with a metallic theme.


A shade of marigold’s yellow-orange color can brighten up any space at home. You can use either contrasting or more neutral colors to go with it and give your place a cozy feel.

Pale Purple

Do you think your entry hallway looks dull and dreary? Give it a fresh, new twist by repainting it in a pale purple hue, which is representative of the lilac flower. You can also place a console table with a warm wood finish to provide a strong focal point or evoke a welcoming atmosphere for people walking into your home.

Rich Mauve

This shade of purple looks great on double-leaf doors with details, a statement wall, or a tiny nook in your room. Because rich mauve is bold, unique, and beautiful all at the same time, it can be the ultimate summer renovation idea for your personal space.


Whether you’re in your beach house or condo, you can easily go for a summer vibe with indigo-painted walls in your living room. For a more regal look, you can decorate your windows with brightly colored curtains that hang all the way down to the floor.

Bright White

The versatility of white makes it a good choice for a summer theme at home. From walls to moldings and furniture, a bright white interior gives your crib a fresh, polished, and spacious atmosphere.

Neon Orange

Using neon colors is a fun way to channel the summer energy into your living space. In particular, neon orange walls with matching curtains make you think of wonderful sunsets that are a sight to behold.

Sky Blue

For your bedroom, nothing is as relaxing as sky blue with its dreamy and airy quality to it. Speaking of airy, you might want to bring out your linen bedding for the soft and supple way it wraps around your body. With the combination of sky blue and the soft covers and sheets, you’ll forget about the summer heat and feel like you’re in the clouds.

Jade Green

This jewel-inspired color blends well with potted plants and colorful rugs and pillows to bring out positive energy all throughout your home’s interiors.

Pale Beige

Ultra-light shades of beige bring to mind one of those popular summer activities: walking on the sandy shores of your favorite beach. Place some wicker furniture to add a touch of countryside ambiance.

Getting Your House Summer-Ready

House renovation doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With a dash of creativity in using lighting, colors, and other natural decorative elements, you can easily bring the summer vibe right in your own home.

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