Complete Guide To Decorating Your First Home

Finally moving into your first home can be quite an exciting and liberating experience. It’s one of the major milestones in your life, so making sure that everything goes absolutely well is incredibly crucial.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are so many ways for you to decorate your home. Below is a complete guide to decorating a new house. Learn the hippest home decoration trends plus some tips and tricks that can help you save money on your home revamp project as you read on.

Tips you need to remember

Before you head to the shopping mall to buy decors, furnishings and other materials, you should first have a clear overview of what you want to achieve. Here’s a simple guide you can use:

Start by figuring out what theme to use

Nowadays, homeowners use home interior themes as their guide in selecting their colour schemes, patterns, textiles, furnishings and decors.

Each theme comes with a very distinct motif. For example, the industrial theme makes use of colours like grey, brown and black. This motif also focuses on using lightly tinted wood and pipes. If you’re eyeing on a more polished look, use a modern or minimalist theme. Both interior design theme focuses on simplicity and elegance.

Avoid matching everything

It’s common to find matching home decorations and furnishings sold together as a set. While they do look good together, you should aim to mix and match items in your house. This will allow you to incorporate your own style instead of just following a generic interior design.

It’s okay to buy matching textiles, cushion covers, table runners and whatnot to save money. To add contrast, you can buy items with bold and unique patterns. Alternatively, you can use the main colour used in your house as your guide in choosing complimentary shades and tones.

Be a smart shopper

Check what items you currently have in your inventory so you don’t blow your budget. Also, it’s best to avoid splurging on expensive furnishings right away.

Focus on purchasing the most essential items like sofa sets, mattresses, dining tables and kitchen island. You can purchase the rest of the items needed once you’re fully settled in. 

Aside from the tips mentioned above, you also need to know which areas to focus your energy on. In the next section, you will learn everything needed to decorate the bedroom, the outdoor space, and kitchen.

Personalising the bedroom

The bedroom should be on your top priority list when you start decorating your home. You can start by checking what things you need to add or replace. For example, do you think you need a new bed? Should you replace the mattress? Do you need to include additional furnishings like sofa set or coffee table?

Don’t forget to repaint the walls. If you wish to brighten up the room, consider using livelier hues such as avocado green, light blue, peppery grey, purple dream and rapture rose. Focus on using relaxing colour combinations to promote a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

You should also personalise the decors used. Think about incorporating your personality by hanging framed portraits or artworks, using your favourite mix of potpourri, scented candles or essential oils or putting up DIY decors. Aside from deciding what bedroom furnishings to buy or colour palette to use, you should also think about the lighting fixtures to install. Make sure to install these fixtures in strategic locations such as the side of your bed, near your vanity station plus your walk-in closets.

Creating A Cosy Outdoor Space

Homeowners today choose to acquire properties equipped with spacious outdoor areas. They convert their outdoor spaces into relaxation hubs, dining area and even an extension of their kitchen. Most of the time they use their outdoor spaces as the extension of other parts of the house.

If your property comes with a large outdoor space, you should take advantage of it. Use it to entertain visitors, prepare grilled or other strong smelling food items, and create a cosy area you can share with your loved ones.

One of the most crucial steps to creating a nice outdoor space in your patio or backyard is to find the best furnishings to use. Check the sizes of the chairs and tables and see to it that they fit well in the available space. Once you have the key elements positioned, you can start adding colourful plants in pots such as pansies, marigold and impatiens. You can try growing them in planters, hanging pots or recycled bottles depending on the available materials and your personal preference.

Work on your kitchen

The kitchen is dubbed as the busiest place in the house, most especially among growing families. It should be kept clean and tidy at all times to prevent accidents and injuries. In decorating your kitchen, you must prioritise functionality. Add items such as cabinets and shelves to accommodate utensils, cooking equipment, dried ingredients and grocery supplies.

If you love to cook, you should also consider adding a spacious kitchen island. This will help you create a designated working space when you prepare meals or serve dishes to your family. To help you organise your tasks or keep tabs on your diet or supplies inventory, you can even add a writing board on the kitchen wall.

In case you have a small kitchen space, you should try suspending your most frequently used cooking equipment on the wall or over the kitchen island using a metal pole and some S-hooks.

Love using herbs when cooking? Install a hanging planter underneath the kitchen windows and plant all your favourite cooking herbs. Keep the plants well maintained so you can enjoy them all year round.


Congratulations on moving to your new home! We hope you make as many good memories as you can in your house. Using the home decoration ideas as your inspiration. Also, don’t forget to consider the tips provided so you can make the most out of your budget and find the right pieces to add to your home.

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