Does My Garden Add Value to My House?

As is the case with many homeowners, you may be on the hunt for ways to add value to your residence. In this regard, you may wonder whether a garden at your home adds value to your residence. There are a number of factors to bear in mind when it comes to a garden and the market value of your home.

Don’t Overdo

Perhaps the most important fact to bear in mind when it comes to a garden and the value of your residence is don’t overdo. More is not necessarily better or more valuable when it comes to a garden and the overall value of your home.

If you are concerned about market value because you want to place your home up for sale, you need to understand that many home buyers, if not in fact a majority, will balk at a residence that has a great deal of garden space. The reason? A new buyer will be left tending to expansive gardens and they may not have an interest in doing so.

In the final analysis, if you want one of the focus of a garden at your residence to be making the property more valuable, be conservative when it comes to gardening. Keep garden elements confined to neat, more compact spaces.

In addition, select plants that are low maintenance. For example, do not create multiple flowerbeds containing annuals. Have a couple of smartly placed flowerbeds that feature perennials. (If you are going to be selling your home, make sure all prospective buyers understand that the majority of flowers on the premises are perennials.)

It’s All About the Maintenance

Once you make the decision to develop nicely contained gardening elements at your residence, the real challenge comes to the front. If you want a garden to add valuable to your home over the long term, you must never underestimate the crucial importance of maintenance.

If you do not properly, regularly tend to your landscaping, not only will it not add value to your residence, your gardening efforts (or lack of them) will decrease the value of your home. What this means is that you must mow your lawn and keep it well-tended. You have to make certain that flower beds and vegetable patches are weed free. Finally, you need to ensure that trees, shrubs, and bushes are always nicely trimmed.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Mulch

This may seem like a small point, but it’s not. You simply cannot underestimate the importance of mulch.

First of all, by making sure flowerbeds and other areas have proper mulch, you will improve the health of plants. Mulch is vital to ensuring that flowerbeds and the like maintain a proper level of moisture.

Second, a fresh layer of mulch enhances the appearance of a flowerbed. Mulch makes the space look more inviting and healthier. It sends a message that a garden is well tended.

Third, mulch is an inexpensive way to improve a garden. You most definitely will not spend an arm and a leg mulching your garden.

Finally, mulch controls the growth of weeds. As was alluded to previously, a major way in which the value of a garden can be compromised is when weeds make an appearance

Easy to Maintain Water Feature

When it comes to gardening and the value of your residence, consider an easy to maintain water feature. This is another exterior addition to your residence that you don’t want to go overboard in creating.

You can go a highly simple route and add a nice bird bath to a flower bed. With some luck, the bird bath really will attract birds to your yard, which can be a lovely experience.

You might also want to consider a running water feature. There is something calming and appealing on many other levels about the look and sound of gently running water. There are some very simply, affordable options in regard to running water features. For example, you can select an attractive urn fountain that will be a nice compliment to your gardening efforts.

If you are a bit more ambitious, you can add a small stone pond to your garden. This need not be anything large. You need to bear in mind that if gardening and home value are connected to putting your residence on the market, you want to be conservative when considering a small stone pond — with small being the operative word. Moreover, you don’t want to put in a pond and then stock it with koi if you plan on setting your home.

Armed with these suggestions, you can enhance your garden and landscaping in a way that will add value to your home. Moreover, these represent affordable strategies as well.


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