Eight Creative Ideas for Your Workplace to Boost up Productivity

When you are an employee, you wish to have a workplace that reflects positivity, somewhere you can relax, a place where you can enjoy but boost up the productivity.

Although the office does not belong to you as it pertains to the employer, you are likely to consider it as your own. It is the only place where you spend most of your time throughout the day. Hence, you end up putting your stamp on it.

Today in this article, we are going to present you eight creative ideas that are easy and inexpensive to incorporate into your office. It will also add fun quota to your workplace. To find more, keep scrolling down!

Colour Is Everything

Scientific research has shown that colour combination matters profoundly. It affects your mood and productivity. For instance, the blue colour changes your mind while red to your body, yellow colour to your emotions, and green colour balance your mood. When you use the tone accordingly, you will notice an inevitable change in the workforce.

Whenever you are opting for the colours, ensure that it is of right colour code. Along with it, you can add different colour components that will fit in perfectly well with the office. You might not be in charge of colouring the, but you can always suggest new things.

Office decor And Flooring

One of the smart ways of decking up your office is to use original decor items that are fashionable but also productive for the staff members. You can start with the solid foundation that is wooden flooring. Since ages wood flooring is everyone’s favourite. For one it gives lavishing look to the interior, and it lasts for decades.

You can add your own personal or artistic elements to your work according to the adjustment. For instance, you can keep plants that require low maintenance like succulents and bamboo plants.

The next time you are thinking to write something, get a box of colourful pens and a journal to jot down regular activities. You can also have a DIY framed whiteboard calendar for To-Do Lists.

For the boring files, documents, invoices, and bills of same colour lying on your desk, stack them up in style with vivid fabric covered organizer. Also, make sure that all appliances like air conditioner are maintained and repaired regularly.

Build A Wall of Fame

Allocate a separate wall in your office for “wall of fame.” You can adorn the wall with the awards your company or the organization receives. Additionally, you can also clip on the thank you notes and brilliant reviews given by your clients.


It’s been a general conception that silence is the key to productivity. Now it is not the case. Silence helps you when you are trying to focus on the particular task. Nevertheless, at the same time silence can hinder the ability to think creatively.

But loud music won’t solve any problem either. It will only distract the employees. The trick is to stir up moderate level music that can have a soothing effect on your work and health. Employees can select their music and play it through the personal device or office device.


Do you have a senior level employee who has valuable knowledge and wishes to share? Then, you can conduct an informal seminar and ask the employees to attend it. Give the incentive to the senior and hold a workshop.

Few employees might be skilled or hobbyists who are willingly ready to share tips with colleagues. You can even indulge in a meaningful conversation over lunch at a local restaurant and discuss the latest tech.

Gift Cards

There is a special feeling involved when you receive a pair of new shoes or a spa day from your boss. Some of your favourite retailers offer huge varieties of gift cards. This simple gesture will boost up the productivity of employees.

Set up a Game Room And Books

Get the games and books into a separate room. A ping-pong table, chessboard, jigsaw puzzles, or any other game that workers can play during the weekend or lunch break hours. Alternatively, you can have a bookshelf. From management, writing, motivation and even a few romantic novels can be aligned together.

Work off Site

Libraries, cafes, or anywhere the public WiFi is available – take the entire team to the place.  You will be surprised to see how a small change can enhance the productivity of your employees

The above-written ideas may seem to be relatively insignificant. But it’s the smallest changes in the workplace environment that increases the efficiency of the employees and help in making a more significant difference.

Try the ideas and make it truly meaningful. Your employees will appreciate the organization and work harder in achieving the goals that will benefit the company.


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