Excell Electric Pressure Washer: Excellence in Power Washing

Fifty times more powerful than garden hoses and adjustable spraying heads make the Excell Electric Pressure Washers perfect for various cleaning tasks.

There are so many different uses for power washers and the Excell Electric Pressure Washers are durable, long-lasting, and provide a variety of features that make them quite excellent to clean a wide assortment of surfaces.

Some of their models do a fantastic job cleaning grout while others are more appropriate for washing cars, patio furniture, sidewalks, or fences. These come in a variety of models from the smaller versions for cleaning the grills or garden furniture to the more powerful ones that are perfect for cleaning sidewalks or driveways. Whatever the small to medium sized cleaning needs are these pressure washers do a great job.

Things to Consider

Not everyone knows what to look for when selecting an Excell electric pressure washer; therefore, this article is going to cover some items to consider before making the purchase, and what to look for in the specific model.

The first things that needs to be decided upon is the item that needs to be cleaned. For example the power washer that would be perfect for cleaning a grill or motor home would be completely underpowered to stripping paint or cleaning a heavily stained driveway.

Conversely, one that would be perfect for cleaning a fence could be too powerful and would damage a motor home or car. Every professional would recommend use the right tool for the right job.

What makes the models different is the pounds per square inch (psi) and the gallons per minute (gpm) that are produced by the device. For the heaviest cleaning jobs, the psi ratings between 3000 and 4000 are designed for stripping paint or cleaning heavily stained driveways. For lightest cleaning jobs, up to 1500 psi works sufficiently well for garden furniture, cars, and grills; and for medium sized cleaning chores, up to 1800 psi works for sidewalks and decking.

Models to Consider

Excell 2500 PSI Pressure Washer, Model VR2552

Since there are a variety of models suiting different cleaning tasks, the Excell Electric Pressure Washer, model VR2552 is quite durable and one of their most reliable model, and requires minimal maintenance. By utilizing an especially designed Honda engine, this model is powerful and does a great job.

This pressure washer is rated at 2.2 GPM and the water flow ratio is rated at a psi of 2500, making this model great for cleaning the larger driveways, sidewalks, or fences.

There is an especially designed wand that can be quickly connected for each of changing when various jobs need to be completed. The pressure wand is adjustable up to 40°, and there is even a special detergent to aid in cleaning the toughest stains.

The model can be easily moved because of the eight inch pneumatic tires and a smaller frame that requires minimal storage space, makes it an excellent choice.

Excell 2600 PSI Pressure Washer, Model XC2600

For the somewhat heavier cleaning tasks, the Excell Electric Pressure Washer model XC2600 is another great model that is durable and works quite well for the medium sized tasks that are more heavily soiled.

This model is durable and requires relatively little maintenance. It is designed with a very powerful Honda OHC engine that a 5 HP engine, and for portability, it is equipped with twin ten inch pneumatic wheels. It also has a convenient quick disconnect that allows a variety of sprayers wands to be easily connected.

It can also be used with the special detergents and chemicals that are formulated for specific cleaning chores that require extra help, and there are a variety of settings that these pressure wands can be adjusted – up to forty degrees of spread.

This model has a pound per square inch rating at 2600 and the gallons per minute is rated at 2.5.

Excell 2750 PSI Pressure Washer, Model XR2750

Put away the scrub brush and the bucket of chemical for that difficult cleaning task, and consider the Excell Electric Pressure Washer model XR2750. This model is designed with a Honda six horsepower engine, and has a small frame for easy storage. It is durable and long lasting, plus it is easily portable on two 10 inch pneumatic tires.

This power washer has a variety of special sprayer wands that are compatible with the quick disconnect for the most efficient handling of the most difficult jobs. There are also a variety of chemical and detergents that are available for especially cleaning chores that need additional cleaning. The wands have various settings that can be adjusted up to a spread of 40 degrees.

This particular model has a psi rating of 2750 and the gpm rating is at 2.6 for the most efficient cleaning of fences, cleaning siding, driveways, or marina decking.

Precision Pressure Washing

When it’s time to get the siding cleaned, or the fence or driveway needs to have unsightly stains removed, then it’s time to get one of the low-maintenance, durable Excell Electric Pressure Washers. There are various models that are perfect for precise cleaning of various surfaces, and they are dependable.

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