Industrial-Sized Cleaning Challenges Have Industrial-Sized Solutions

For consumers who are responsible for getting an industrial-sized cleaning job spic and span, an Industrial Pressure Washer is the best solution. There are several things that they should look for when searching for these pressure washers. One specific area is the pressure that they produce. Generally if it’s less than 1800 pounds per square inch, these do a great job cleaning dirt off vehicles, equipment, patios, sidewalks, and the siding on a building. However, for the more difficult oil, grease, or chemical stains, a model that has 3000 PSI and can utilizes detergents and solvents are much better suited.

Look for the durability of the power washer and make sure that it lasts for many years – don’t get a “throw-away” model that needs to be replaced after a year or two. In addition look for other benefits of the model, such as automatic shut off that turns the device off when it’s not been used for a period of time, and be sure there are assorted nozzles, wands, and lances that are adjustable for different surfaces.
If the area to be cleaned requires detergents and heated water make sure the selected model has the ability to heat the water.

Industrial Pressure Washers

• AR Blue Clean AR767 Pressure Washer

When the commercial plant has equipment to be cleaned, the Industrial Pressure Washer, Model AR767 that’s the AR Blue Clean Industrial grade provides some of the best results. It has a power rating of 1900 PSI, and disperses 2.1 gallons of water per minute, making its cleaning pressure excellent for a wide assortment of equipment, or for cleaning the dirt and grime off of various surfaces on the equipment or the facility itself.

It’s designed with Annovi Reverberi induction engine that’s equipped with a heavy duty triplex pump. It has a 30 foot hose, and since its electric powered, it can’t run out of gas and it’s easy to port around the building; plus it has a 36 foot power cord and a 30 foot hose. This model comes with assorted nozzles with selectable pressure settings, and it is also designed with an automatic bypass valve. It weighs 85 pounds and is priced under $675.
This is an excellent model for those industrial-sized chores, and consumers stated that it effectively cleans numerous surfaces, and the hose reel is quite convenient.

• DeWalt Pressure Washer 3800 PSI

If there’s an extremely difficult cleaning job that would require a lot of scrubbing in the industrial plant, the Industrial Pressure Washer by DeWalt is one of the gas power washers that do a great job. It disperses 2½ gallons of water per minute and has a pressure rating of 3000 PSI, and it’s designed with a Honda GX200 engine that is known to be reliable, easy to start, and durable. This unit has triplex camp pump that is maintenance free and designed with ceramic pistons and a thermal relieve value. The pump is sealed making it nearly maintenance free.
This model has a five quick connect nozzles that is adjustable to various degrees and it has a low-pressure quick connect tip, wands, and lances that make cleaning some of the worse stains virtually effortless. It rides on 10” pneumatic tires that are double sealed, and comes with a 25 foot heavy duty, high pressure hose. The model weighs 90 pounds and is priced under $700.

Consumers stated it has a small footprint, does an excellent job, requires minimal maintenance.

• Simpson WS3200

For the really difficult to clean industrial-sized chores, one Industrial Pressure Washer model that is highly rated is the Simpson Water Shotgun, Model WS3200. The PSI rating is 3200 delivering four gallons of water per minute, making it one of the higher rated pressure washers. Designed with an industrial-sized General Triplex plunger pump, dual belt drive, and a Commercial Series GX340 Honda Engine; all working together to create a reliable, durable, and powerful power washer.

The supporting structure is a 10 gauge frame with a sub-frame that travels on 13” premium tires on aluminum wheels. It has a 50 foot heavy-duty hose, professional-grade spray gun with a 36” professional wand, and five quick connect nozzles, and in addition a chemical injection system for those more difficult to clean areas is also included. This heavy-duty unit is easy to start, and has a high pressure relief valve. It weighs 265 pounds and is priced less than $2400.

This is an excellent model for various cleaning chores, and consumers stated it does the job in about half the time of other models.

Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

For the most difficult cleaning chores at the plant or the commercial facility, it’s too back-breaking with a scrubber and bucket of water; making the best solution one of these Industrial Pressure Washers.

There are several manufacturers who make these heavy-duty models and they do a great job of cleaning the most difficult chores. Look for the durability, reliability, pressure produced, and the gallons of water that is dispersed from the unit. These models are also able to utilize detergents to get those really difficult stains off and make the chore a lot easier to effectively clean than ever before.

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