Maintaining Your Counter Tops: Simple And Easy Steps

Granite countertops continue to sustain their place as a popular part material on the kitchen with homeowners when it comes to upgrading their kitchens or bathrooms. As popular as this natural stone product is, many homeowners do not understand the proper way to maintain a granite countertop. This is not always the fault of the homeowners.

Often the information for how to maintain granite countertops is never shared by their remodeling contractor or their natural stone installation expert. And unfortunately, in some cases homeowners are misguided by retailers who sell products intended for professional use only.

We’ve decided to share the following information with both our customers and those thinking about installing granite countertops in their next home remodeling project to ensure they enjoy this beautiful natural stone product for many years to come. Before looking at the steps involved with maintaining and cleaning granite countertops, homeowners should understand how granite slabs are processed today and why many natural stone fabricators are utilizing epoxy resins on these slabs.

Because granite is a natural stone, it will often have fissures and fractures that can decrease stone’s strength and make it unsafe and unsellable. Also, thinner slabs of granite are now being sold and used more often in bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects because of affordability issues on both the production and consumer side of the industry.

These reasons – and a few others – are why natural stone fabricators use a safe, epoxy resin to seal and strengthen these natural stone slabs before installation. Without getting too deep into the whys and how’s behind the entire process of fabricating, sealing and installing granite countertops, we would like to share and make sure you understand a couple of important points.

First and foremost, these sealers should be applied by professionals in a well-ventilated area before being introduced to your home. In other words, this step should always occur before installation.

Next, the fabricator must always seal the granite on the porous (back) side of the stone and not on the side that comes into contact with the homeowner and their food.

Now that you have a better understanding of how your natural stone product should be sealed before installation in your home, let’s quickly look at how you can clean and maintain granite countertops.

At Stone Trend, we understand how attached our customers get to their new granite kitchen countertops and other granite installations. That is why we always share these simple, step-by-step instructions to help them enjoy their natural stone surfaces for many years.

  • Start with the right ingredients (mild eco-friendly liquid dish soap, water) and tools (soft cloth, microfiber cloth, and empty spray bottle).
  • Pour about 1/8 cup of liquid soap into empty spray bottle. Fill with warm water. Shake to mix. (Be sure to label bottle with the contents and ratio of the mixture.)
  • Spray onto clean, soft rag. Wipe surface clean. Dry with microfiber cloth. For tough stains, spray mixture directly onto surface, let sit for 3-5 minutes then scrub with soft cloth.
  • Always dry granite surface thoroughly after cleaning. Never use vinegar-based cleaners on granite. So, there you have it, an easy way to maintain and clean granite countertops.

Follow those steps to ensure you enjoy your investment for many years to come.

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