Roof Repairs: Why Hire a Professional Contractor for the Job?

Some homeowners looking to save a few dollars on their home remodeling project turn to do-it-yourself (DIY) articles and video tutorials online. While that’s not entirely a bad thing, given that DIY projects actually help you become more involved in the process, there are some upgrades that require the skills and knowledge of a professional. Roofing projects are one of them.

When it comes to roofing, there’s just too much room for error without the help of a professional. DIY enthusiasts often don’t take into consideration how much work a roof repair or replacement entails. As a result, they tend to come up with poor-quality work, which can put their entire home at risk. DIY roofing projects can also be dangerous—each year, 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries in the U.S. are caused by ladder falls alone.

Your home is probably the biggest investment you have, and your roof is a crucial part of it. It’s worth the price difference between purchasing your materials at a local store and doing it yourself versus hiring an experienced and well-trained team of experts. Today, we’re going to shed light on the dangers of DIY roofing and let you in on the benefits of working with a professional roofing company.

The Difference Between DIY and Professional Roof Repairs

Sometimes, it can be fun to perform DIY projects around the house, especially when they involve decoration and design. When you find out that your roofing needs repair, however, it’s not the time to think DIY. Instead, opt to work with a professional because you know you’ll get high-quality results without the hassle of doing everything on your own.

Hiring a roofing expert offers four benefits:

  • Savings. It’s easy to be attracted to DIY projects because they appear cheaper in cost compared to hiring a professional. However, the truth is, you may spend more money on a DIY job because you’ll be buying your own tools, materials and equipment. Not to mention the additional costs you’ll have to face when you make mistakes. Hiring an expert roofer from the start can actually save you lots of money down the line because you ensure the work is done right the first time.
  • Quick turnaround time. Depending on your current roofing knowledge, repairs can take you some time. Roofing issues need to be patched up quickly to prevent further damage and a professional can get the job done right away—in fact, most contractors can complete the job in just one day.

  • High-quality materials. It’s easy to find roofing materials at a local hardware store, but since expert roofers work with leading brands, they usually offer access to high-quality materials, ensuring you get only the best products for your roofing project.
  • Safety. Thousands of people are rushed to the hospital every year due to falls, and the injuries can be serious. Instead of getting up very high off the ground, entrust the work to a professional who has the right safety equipment and training to avoid accidents.

Traits of a Good Roof Repair Contractor

The success of your roofing project relies heavily on work quality, so finding a reliable roofer is a critical step. If you’ve already made up your mind to hire a professional, you may have come across several candidates.

No narrow down your options, make sure your choice has the following qualities:

Licensed, bonded and insured. The first thing to check is their credentials. Make sure the roofer you choose is properly licensed, bonded and insured. Working with a contractor that lacks these things might end up being costly for you, as you won’t be protected against accidents and incidents that may occur during your roof repair project.

  • Experienced. Contractors who do quality work and care for their customers are the ones who stay in business for a long time. Hiring someone with a lengthy history in your area is a smart choice because you are assured they know what they are doing.
  • Reputable. In addition to many years of service your roofer should also have a positive reputation. They should be able to give you a list of previous customers you can talk to, as well as a number of completed jobs you can see first-hand. An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is also a good indication you’re working with a reputable roofer.
  • Manufacturer-certified. Certifications means a roofer has undergone sufficient training to pass stringent standards set by manufacturers. Certified roofers are also sure to carry quality materials, ensuring best results for your roof repair project.
  • Warranties. Manufacturers only typically honor warranty coverage on roofing products installed by certified roofers.

Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Repairing your roof can be a significant investment, which is why you should be extra careful when choosing a roofer for your needs. Do your due diligence as a responsible homeowner. Ask the important questions:

  1. Are you licensed?
  2. Do you carry insurance?
  3. What’s your permanent office address?
  4. How long have you been in business?
  5. What types of warranties do you offer?
  6. Do you have references from previous jobs?

It will take a bit of time and effort, but you’ll end up with a reliable roofing contractor who can perform topnotch services at a price you can afford. Looking for a reliable contractor might not seem all that important at first, but trust us—they can save you a world of headaches, stress and more than a few dollars in the long run.

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Stacy Mellette is in charge of administrative operations at Affordable Roofing Systems, a family-owned and -operated home improvement company. Originally from Northeast Florida, she now lives in the Lutz, FL, area, where she shares her home improvement knowledge with local residents. Check out the company blog for updates from Stacy!


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