Simple and Effective Updates For Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of any home. This is where people watch television, grab a fast snack, take a nap and invite friends and family for a casual get together. A well designed living room is a must have in any home. Spaces should be comfortable but have style at the same time. If you’re looking to easy ways to update your home, it helps to start by thinking about the kind of style you personally like best. Some people prefer something a bit more elegant while others are looking for styles that are designed for functionality and offer lots of spaces to do everything from playing family games to doubling as a home office.

Flooring Choices

Any planned changes to the living room should begin from the ground up. Now is the time to think about the kind of flooring that works best in the room. There’s a vast array of flooring possibilities on the market. People can pick from different varieties of hardwood including maple and birch. These are good for people in search of a classic theme. There’s lots of other choices in the market that also fit in nicely. Concrete and linoleum are good for spaces that get lots of traffic as they are easy to keep clean.

Top the floor with a rug or two for added texture and color. Don’t be afraid to mix varied patterns and colors.

Seating Arrangements

All living rooms need seating that works in the space. A single sofa can change the look of the entire room. Sofas come in lots of different styles. There’s the old fashioned chesterfield with deep tufting. Midcentury modern versions bring in the basics with clean lines and little detail. A sectional is a great choice for those who need lots of room for everyone in the family. The camelback sofa has one or two curves in the middle and makes it easy to bring in a sense of movement.

Other seating choices should also be carefully considered. An old fashioned rocking chair offers kids and adults fun. Make sure the model is set away from the walls and there’s room to move. A chaise in deep red leather with a metal or wood base can serve as a conversation piece.

Storage Space

Storage is an important consideration in the room. Homeowners need lots of storage when on the go to keep all data safe. They also need additional storage space at home. Consider items that can do double duty. For example, a coffee table can fold out and upwards to enable people to use it as a deck while also providing space for magazines and children’s toys. Consider adding built-in shelving in one corner. This will give you room to display your cherished items. It will also give you room to keep things organized and tidy. Many home sellers love this form of storage, making it a plus if you’re planning to put the house on the market soon.

The Right Lighting

Lighting makes it possible to see all day and night long. Think about the kinds of sources of light in the room. If you have large windows, you’ll want to let them pour light in the room. Consider keeping them free of curtains if you have enough privacy. Removing curtains that no longer work or switching the type of curtains out with the seasons can add instant light even in dull spaces.

Artificial lighting should also be examined. Dramatic overhead lights show the room off and give off tremendous light at the same time. Floor lamps come in many different styles. They’re portable and versatile. Look for lamps that have plenty of style. A lamp with varied colored lampshades is an easy way to introduce colors in a space with largely white walls.

Switch out existing lampshades for brand new, more modern styles. This is an easy, quick fix that will add immediate style. For a more muted look, top the shades with fabric in brightly colored patterns. The lamps will give off a glow and make the entire room feel completely cozy all winter long.

Personalized Artwork

Art is personal to each individual. Think about the kinds of art you like best and move from there. Some people prefer florals that practically burst with lots color. Others find themselves drawn to contemporary artwork with shapes and dance off the wall. Think about which types of art work best in the size of your room.

In larger rooms, you might want to use art to help create and define smaller spaces into the room. A smaller room might be best suited to a few scattered and well-chosen items that demonstrate what you find most interesting.

Inviting Guests

It’s a good idea to think about guest seating. Many homeowners love inviting people over to their homes for holidays or just a summer barbecue. Now is he time to make sure that everyone can find a place to sit and update your living room in the process. Consider chairs that can be put in storage when you’re not using them. The same is true of tables that can provide a place for people to set down things they want to eat and drink. They can added to one corner to show off your collection of family photographs.


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