The Beauty of Custom Window Shutters

Do you want to transform the look and feel of your home without investing in a major remodel? Window shutters can be the boost your home needs. Not only can they add an aesthetic touch to your home’s exterior; they can also help you regulate the amount of light let into your spaces if placed inside. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to find window shutters that fit your existing windows or reflect your own style. With that in mind, you might instead want to invest in custom shutters specifically designed to complement your windows and home.

CUSTOM WINDOW SHUTTERS: When you choose custom window shutters, you can rest easy knowing they fit your existing windows well and reflect your own style perfectly.

Picking out the right window treatment for your home is a very important decision to make, and naturally, you want to be sure you’re choosing the best option the first time. With so many window treatment options out there, you may have a hard time simply figuring out where to start. The first step you need to take, and possible the most important, is deciding whether to purchase a pre-fabricated or a custom window treatment. When you choose custom window shutters, you can be sure you’ll have a professional help you find the perfect option for your unique needs.

What Custom Window Shutters Can Do for Your Home

Without window treatments, windows can look dull and unfinished, dragging the overall beauty of your home down. Custom window shutters have what it takes to solve this problem as well as provide you with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Style and Design Selection – One of the problems with installing prefabricated windows is the fact that they come with limited options, making it hard for you to find the right treatment based on your preference and needs. Custom window shutters are available in an impressive array of colors, patterns and styles to give you confidence that you will find the right choice for your home. A professional will also help you narrow down options that best fit your lifestyle and requirements.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Before installing your custom window shutters, a professional will take a pre-measurement of your existing windows to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Perfect Fit – With custom window shutters, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. With an expert precisely measuring them, they are installed without a hitch, which not only simplifies getting them, but ensures that your shutters look exactly as you desire.
  • Specialized Features – When you install custom window shutters, you’ll have access to features not typically offered in prefabricated ones. Customized window treatments allow you to add a beautiful decorative trim or tape to complement your home’s decor. Furthermore, you can choose innovative features like energy efficiency, child safety, motorization and more. With custom shutters, there are endless possibilities because you get to decide how they turn out.

Pro Tips: How to Make the Most of Getting Custom Window Shutters

SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION: The key to making the most of your custom window shutter installation is finding a reliable company that offers top-quality products.

Customized or not, window treatments should be treated as investments. Therefore, you need to consider a lot of things when planning to install new shutters. Going through the planning process hastily could lead to major and costly issues in the long run so you have to be careful. To help with your project, here are some important tips you can take into consideration:

  • Find a reputable company. Trying to install window treatments yourself can seem like an easy, money-saving idea, but there’s a reason reputable companies spend money and effort on extensive training for their installers. The installation process can be a lot more complicated than you think and, in the end, can cost you more in mistakes than you would’ve paid for a customized, high-quality product installed professionally.

Before choosing a contractor, though, be sure to look for an established company with roots in the community. Aside from making sure you’re comfortable with their level of experience, it’s vital to know whether they have the reputation or not for providing the services you need to ensure your project’s success. A reliable company will have physical offices or showrooms available to shop, test and inquire about their custom window shutters while being served by trained experts in the window treatment industry. It’s also a smart idea to visit their website for a gallery of projects they’ve recently completed. Lastly, read reviews and testimonials to know how they have treated previous customers.

  • Schedule an in-home consultation. Reputable contractors will provide you with thoughtful recommendations so you can make the best choice for your home. They should be able to discuss various window treatments freely and comfortably, and fully prioritize your needs. If you get the feeling that a company is pushing you to buy their products and services, take your business elsewhere. What you need is a company there to guide you and listen to your needs so you can maximize your investment.
  • Know what it takes for a professional installation. You want a company that employs its own installers and doesn’t hire subcontractors to finish the job. When a company has their own installers, this means they invest in those professionals with quality training and supervision. They also provide the tools, materials and equipment necessary to ensure a project’s success.

Additionally, find out about the warranties the contractor has set it place. After all, a reliable company will go above and beyond to stand behind their work and ensure your complete satisfaction.

QUALITY PRODUCTS: To make the most of your window treatment investment, you need to be careful in the selection of your custom window shutters. Look for the highest quality materials every time.

  • Choose the right products. Custom window shutters are an investment you should love for years to come. Aside from setting the stage for a beautiful interior vibe, they help protect your home from the elements and offer remarkable benefits to your comfort. They can do all this and more, as long as you buy quality products.

To make sure you’re getting what you pay for, take time to research possible options for your home, and consult them with an expert. Be wary of contractors who market prefabricated shutters as custom by simply cutting them to fit. By educating yourself beforehand, you can be confident in making the right decisions for your upgrade.

When choosing a company to help complete your custom window shutter installation, be sure to find a company you can trust. With top-quality products, professional service, timely installations and warranties that exceed your expectations, good companies will provide you with the best window treatments for your home.

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Sabiha Patel is in charge of marketing, production, and day-to-day operations for Wholesale Shutter Co. With a keen sense of detail, she supervises the company in delivering custom shutters to customers in and around Southern California, ensuring everyone gets the shutter solutions they want and need. For updates from Sabiha, check out the company blog!

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