The Best Small Bathroom Trends for 2019

Bathrooms are rarely the room anyone gets the most excited about, but we want to change that in 2019. Instead of letting the interior design of your bathroom be an afterthought, let your interior decoration be striking, bold, and inventive this year. With so many options available for bathroom interior design, from flooring, tile, vanities, accessories, and more, your bathroom can be the perfect space to relax and decompress, and still remain stylish and eye catching. Don’t think of a small bathroom as a hindrance. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to streamline your interior design with the most efficiency. Check out some of our designers’ favorite bathroom interior design trends.

Floating Shelves

Storage is likely your most challenging component with a small bathroom, but there’s no reason to accept defeat just yet. Floating shelves are used throughout many bathroom designs for home decor, and they’ve proven to be a more than adequate solution for both aesthetics and storage. Add shelving on a free wall, whether that’s above your toilet, next to your vanity, or above your tub. Here you can display anything that might be taking up space on your counter, like cotton ball jars, hand towels, or other small items. If you’re using your shelving to display and store your towels, you can choose a color that stands out from your design as an added element of interior decoration, so make sure they’re folded to the nines.

Dark Paint Colors

While in the past designers have often stressed that bathroom interior design should be composed of strictly light colors to open up the space, now we’re going to the dark side. Look to deep midnight blues, moody teals, and oxblood reds to add depth and elegance to your small bathroom interior design. A dark color won’t necessarily shrink the space, so when considering bathroom designs for small spaces you don’t need to completely eliminate dark paint colors. In fact, there’s nothing more chic than a bathroom with black walls! An unusual shade like these will bring more character to the space, which will in turn enhance it instead of making it appear small. Bathrooms normally don’t have much personality, so you’ll want to incorporate it where you can.

Another case for veering from white and other light colors is because bathrooms need to be cleaned pretty frequently, and white is the most unforgiving of all colors. Instead of scheduling weekly cleaning days, you’ll have a lot more leeway with your bathroom interior design if you use darker colors.


Our Décor Aid designers always recommend using metallic or reflective materials in a small bathroom, as reflective surfaces can bring a bit more dimension to what may seem pretty packed. Opt for vanities that attract light and reflect it back, so that even if your bathroom interior design doesn’t get the natural light you want, you can create your own.

Statement Floors

We’ve all heard of statement walls in the world of interior design, but how about statement floors? They work in much of the same way, and aid in bringing some life to a space that doesn’t have much room to spare. When considering bathroom designs for home decor, incorporating a statement floor may solve the problem of an outdated floor and a lack of color. Designers are getting more creative than ever with their interior decoration, often enlisting shapes and geometric patterns to make the floor really stand out. Tiles placed in unique formations work to draw the eye around the space, but will also help supplement the rest of the interior design, even if it is somewhat sparse or bare. You can also look to eye catching decorative tiles, like Moroccan tiles, if you prefer.

Full Length Mirrors

While you may think this will take up valuable space in your bathroom interior design, this will actually enhance it without taking up any room. Instead of hanging a mirror on the wall above your vanity, try using a floor to ceiling mirror attached flat to the wall. This adds a dramatic element to what is usually a standard and expected piece in any bathroom interior design, and looks effortlessly chic at the same time. And as for those concerned about the amount of space it will take up, relax in knowing that the space it takes up is not space that would be occupied by anything else anyway, as it is above and directly surrounding your sink or vanity, so your walls still remain fully efficient.

This will also make the space look bigger, because the mirror will give the illusion of an extended space. Instead of relying on color illusions or tricks of the eye, you can go with the simplest trick in the book to achieve this result. And who doesn’t want to assess their look from head to toe?


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