The Right Way Of Disposing Or Recycling A Fluorescent Lamp

Most of the people are unaware of mercury pollution. You don’t know how much nearly the poison box is near of you and waiting to kill you and your family members. How mercury comes out from our appliances? Government is still taking necessary steps to aware the mining and paper production, which are still moving away from mercury processes.

But the danger is more close to us than those factories. Your appliances for daily use, the thermometers, thermostats, fluorescent lights, barometers and car switches all are holding the danger element in it.

Just imagine, how may you got at stake on breaking a thermometer in your house. It contains, you know, the liquid mercury. As soon as the liquid mercury splits on the floor, it produces very tiny droplets by accumulation and then vaporized. If you don’t care or remain unaware about it, you cannot know ever, how quickly the air of your room gets contaminated. Your danger counts on how much that mercury vapor has entered your body or how entered. How long you have been exposed in it and your individual immunity.

The Symptoms Of Acute Mercury Poisoning

  • Severe headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea but the symptoms of exposure to small amounts of mercury over a longer period of time are quite different.
  • Expose for a longer time will cause several neurological disorders e.g. fatigue, memory loss, tremors in the hands, irritability and violent mood swings.
  • Congestion of mercury causes death.

Fluorescent lamps needs to be recycled to avoid mercury contamination. CFL, the compact fluorescent lights are on the peak of popularity now and replaced the incandescent lamp from all of its positions.

It saves huge amount of energy and prevents the greenhouse gas emission. In every second in US, people are changing 1089 incandescent lamps with CFL. On the contrary, this high popularity is often makes us blind or unaware about the importance of recycling it.

What Is The Cause Of Awareness?

CEL is using mercury to make this light energy-efficient. Science still unable to use any alternative element other than mercury, though mercury is used in a very little amount. As long as the bulbs are working, no danger is there but the adverse stage comes to a start when a blub smashes or people throw them in the basket or vats, because the mercury comes out. This practice makes the release of huge amount of mercury vapor in the environment and put the human health and the environment under risk.

How To Avoid?

  • Stop the practice of throwing the bulbs in the municipal vats from this very moment.
  • Store all the damages CFL lamps in a dry place.
  • Always handle the fluorescent lamps carefully.
  • Purchase specially designed containers for storing used or broken lamps.
  • Call recycling services to collect the waste from your house.

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