Tips to Keep Your Air Ducts Cleaned for a Long Period of Time

With air pollution becoming a problem that’s increasing day by day, it’s important now more than ever to have a good air quality inside. That is possible through many different ways. But the major way is to having your air ducts completely clean and tidy at all times. This helps keep the house more breathable and comfortable.

Time Your Cleaning Right

Of course, everyone doesn’t always have the time to clean the ducts all the time. So, you have to pick out certain times where you can dedicate some time to tidying these areas of your house up. You do not necessarily have to clean the ducts all the time.

You will know if you need to call the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company to do if you notice any of the following signs:

  1. A Lot of Dust: The dust and debris would be large enough for you to notice from the ducts.
  2. Dust Entering Rooms: Via the ducts, the dirt would make their way into the rooms and in-door air.
  3. Existence of Mold: If there is a lot of mold and mildew growing inside the ducts, then they are definitely due for a professional cleaning.
  4. Utility bills High: This doesn’t indicate that the ducts are too dirty but if the utility bills are getting quite high, then you can try making the heating and cooling system more efficient. The increase in efficiency will lead to a decrease in utility bills.

Clean it Thoroughly

Do not make the mistake of cleaning it half-heartedly. The ducts require you to be thorough! You need to clean up the whole system not merely the peripheral parts. You should focus on the most important parts for instance the filters and cooling coils. Another part that you must absolutely not ignore is the fans, ducts and the vents. A general rule you should go with is to not ignore even one inch of the surface area.

Significance of Neat Filters 

In most HVAC units, such as the AC, filters are something highly important. The same is the case for the ducts in your home. You should ensure that the filters inside are completely neat and spotless. As long as you do this, there would be no dust accumulation. Hence, you should put in your monthly calendars to do clean the filters of all the HVAC units in the home. Having a reminder on your phone is going to ensure that you do not forget. While you are doing the cleaning, make sure there is no missing filter either. The missing filters is going to hinder the proper functioning of the ducts as well.

Full-proof Protection from Dirt

If you live in an area where there is a lot of dust pollution or there is construction occurring nearby, you need to do something to cover the area of the ducts. Locate the supply and return registers and use something proper to seal those openings. This will help in minimizing the amount of dust that enters the ducts. Plus, if there is any renovation or remodeling happening inside your home then be sure to hire a professional company for Air Duct Cleaning after the renovation is finished. Another thing you could do is to do vacuuming on a regular basis. Do not delay the cleaning of your house and wait months before you get to do it. Not only is this going to make the house completely dirty, but the ducts would be full of dirt and affect the in-door air quality. This will lead to health problems. In order to avoid health problems, follow this tip.

Ensure There Is No Moisture in the Ducts

If there is any dampness or moisture in the air ducts, this is going to just invite mold into your house. The mold is dangerous as it a lot of people have allergies to it. So, if you notice any leak or water entering in that area, resolve the issue on immediate basis. It must be your utmost priority to remove all water! You should see to it that your house’s cooling and the heating system are getting their insulation. Proper insulation is the perfect way to avoid water condensation and hence mold.

Hiring the Right Company

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You may not have the time for a proper cleaning yourself, so you should check out nearby companies offering high-quality services of cleaning your air ducts. Ask a family member or a friend near your location and see if they can recommend good options. If not, then you could always refer to review websites online such as Yelp. Whenever you are hiring a company, make sure you finalize the payment details. Otherwise, some companies can scam you out of your hard-earned money.

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