What Is The Most Important Thing To Know About Under The Cabinet Lighting Design

If you are a practical person in your life, you must think about a perfect light under your cabinets. What is the benefit of a good under cabinet lighting?

It illuminates the countertop in a right way and makes your every work on it charming and comfortable. The under cabinet area is the central focal point of your kitchen, so a bright illumination on that area ensures everyone’s attention to your kitchen design. If your under cabinet lighting design becomes perfect, then your all other lighting layout designing will be more easy and you can easily make a balance in the brightness of all the other important areas of your kitchen more aesthetically.

Several light fixtures are there ready for your kitchen under cabinets, from where you have to select the right items according to your specific need and enhancement of brightness. Four lighting options are normally preferred by the homeowners for their under cabinets incandescent, fluorescent, xenon and LED lights.  Some people use halogen lights, but the main disadvantage in this light is the evolution of heat in a large extent and they do not last for a long time.

In comparison to these said options, the customers most commonly use fluorescent under cabinet lights. The main reason of using fluorescent is that these lights are great energy savers, provide very bright white light with a softened glow and last long. Xenon lamps also give a warm light and with more longevity than the halogens and fluorescents. However, they are costly than the fluorescents.

Modern designers are insisting the customers to use LED lights for under cabinets and they have enough logics behind their recommendation. LEDs have more advantages than all other forms of lights. They are with huge life span and can be used for directional lighting too, which is not possible by the fluorescent lights. Lastly, they can give you a more natural daylight effect than the fluorescents and xenon lamps.

The cost effectiveness of LED lights can be felt if you use them for a long term. Initially, these lights are a little bit expensive, but as they work under very low voltage and last tremendously long ( a LED light dies after using 50,000-1,00,000 hours) period, you can enjoy a big cut off your budget.

In this context, it will be incomplete information, if we will not discuss about the LED puck lights. Puck lights are like hockey pucks and small in size, but very effective. There are also xenon and halogen puck lights, but we will recommend Led pucks for many reasons.

As the countertop is the most important task area, accent lighting is highly essential for it. LED puck lights are the best options for this type of lighting. You can arrange this small type of lights in linear arrangement and they are very easy to install.

We recommend using 12v LED puck lights if you want to ‘go green’. Some 12v LED lights contain 21 point LEDs in each bulb that provides much more brightness than any xenon, fluorescent or halogen. In giving this high brightness, each bulb needs only 1.8b watts of power, so you can easily imagine how much power-saver these lights are. It provides a cool 4100K color temperature and lasts for at least 50,000 hours.

Available in many interesting finishes thus can match with any form of cabinet design. LED puck lights are available in both recessed and surface mounting option. The surface mounted puck lights are includes with surface mount housing fixture and also included with cables and connectors. Besides LED puck lights, you can avail xenon puck lights and halogen puck lights too, if you want to use them.

LED strip lights and recessed lights are two other important types of fixtures for under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet area is a small and compact zone, so these two types of lighting are highly useful as the lights under both of these categories are small in size but with enough brightness and many other facilities.

So, decide everything based on your cabinet decor and start clicking today to indulge your senses. This article probably helps you to a certain extent in deciding the style of fixture for your cabinet. Remember; always fix lights along the midline of the cabinet with a slight inclination towards the outside lining of your cabinets. More close to the wall you fix, more reflection will come from your tiles or backsplash and cause problem.

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