Which 12 Kitchen Tools You Need To Have

Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or simply upgrade the one you have to improve functionality, appliances, and kitchen tools are the best way to go. If you are wondering what kitchen tools are essential, there is always someone for everyone regardless of their overall culinary tastes and cooking habits. Cooking, eating, and cleaning is better if enabled with the right tools like the kitchen tools at mykitchenadvisor.com. Hopefully, you will find one in this kitchen tools list that you will like.

Y-shaped Peeler

If you do not already have one of these valuable kitchen tools for healthy eating, then you are missing out. This tool makes peeling vegetables and potatoes faster and less wasteful and is the perfect kitchen tool for removing blemishes from vegetables.

Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is one of those kitchen tools you can’t live without. A chef’s knife is built specifically for the kitchen so that your prep time goes by faster, and those vegetables get snipped and chopped to the right size. Unlike many other generic knives, a chef’s knife also allows you to be more precise for more confidence.

Fish Spatula

If you love cooking whole fish and are tired of damaging it every time you turn it during pan-frying, then this is the kitchen tool for you. It is made of stainless steel and is tapered from its edge to the base with a slight curve to easily lift a fillet fish. You can also use it to flip pancakes, eggs, chicken, and other foods.


A whisk is one of those valuable kitchen tools for baking to help avoid mushy pastries. A whisk’s wires incorporate air into the mixture as you mix, making the end result fluffier and more presentable.


You will agree that straining pasta and spaghetti straight from the pot is stressful and dangerous, especially if your kids are helping in the kitchen. A colander is a bowl-shaped piece of kitchen equipment with perforations to strain pasta or any other vegetable without it slipping through.

Kitchen Shears

A pair of kitchen shears should help you accomplish tasks that a knife might give you trouble with, such as cutting chicken or snipping tough herbs. These are designed for tougher cutting jobs and are so versatile, you will reach for them many times over.

Laser-engraved Rolling Pins

Make your pastries less bland by using a rolling in that comes with unique and lovely patterns. These intuitive rolling pins come in all shapes; from teacups to snowflakes, damask, and so many others.

A Meat Thermometer

The temperature at which you cook your meat is important in determining the outcome. You want the meat to be cooked but still remain tender and juicy after, so use a thermometer to ensure you get both tastes and perfectly cooked through chops at the end.

Measuring Spoon Set

If you are tired of approximating liquid ingredients with your eye, then this set of spoons will come in handy. A measuring spoon set comes with its measurements already engraved and is super durable as it is made of stainless steel. There is even a smaller set of spoons with casual equivalents like tad, smidge, and drop.

Spice Grinder

If you like using spices fresh from the farmers market rather than those processed, ground, and pre-packed, you need this kitchen tool. A spice grinder lets you grind whole spices or coffee beans, then remove the bowl after to reduce cross-contamination.

Kitchen Tongs

Avoid using spoons or even worse, hands, to serve pastries to your family members by buying a pair of kitchen tongs. You can also use these to pan-fry foods, get hot items out of the oven, and place items more precisely on plates.

Wooden Utensils

Add a rich, rustic feel to your kitchen by investing in a set of wooden kitchen tools and utensils. With these, mixing ingredients and cutting vegetables will not have any scratching or high-pitched sounds that stainless steel, glass, or plastics have. They are safer because they do not conduct heat or react with the acids in vinegar and other foods. Generally, wooden utensils look, feel, and function better in the kitchen.


This list of kitchen tools everyone needs should give your kitchen accessorizing adventure a head start.

If you have any other great kitchen tools ideas or queries, please post them in our comment section.

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