Why You Should Always Invest in a Certified Window Contractor

A lot of homeowners today replace their windows not just to improve their property’s curb appeal. Many are now aware of the energy efficiency benefits that modern replacement windows offer, as well as their potential contribution to increased home value. These perks make window replacement a crucial home improvement project, but without proper installation, getting new windows might not turn out as well as you hoped it would.

So, how can you ensure your replacement windows are installed correctly? There’s no other way but to hire a manufacturer-trained and manufacturer-certified contractor. If you’ve been thinking about doing window replacement yourself or hiring the neighborhood handyman, hoping to save on installation costs, think again. Certified window contractors have a lot to offer.

They Make Reliable Recommendations

There are a lot of window replacement options available on the market today, what with multiple brands offering multiple lines of window products. Unfortunately, not all of these options offer the same quality and value.

THE CRUCIAL FIRST STEP: Window selection can be an overwhelming process. A certified contractor can help you get through this phase.

The first crucial step towards successful window replacement is finding the best replacement windows for your home. Sure, you can check out product catalogs and maybe some online reviews, but these may not provide all the information you need. Not to mention your home’s specifications and unique needs may not be factored into your assessment.

A certified window contractor will typically have one of their specialists visit your home for an initial consultation and inspection. This way, they can evaluate your home and its window replacement requirements thoroughly, allowing the window specialist to provide you with the right product recommendations.

They Meet Strict Manufacturer Standards

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of window manufacturers competing on the market today. While their products vary in more ways than one, it is typical for the most reputable of them to entrust their products only to contractors who are willing to go the extra mile and undergo continuous comprehensive training and accomplish other certification requirements.

SPECIALISTS IN TRAINING: Experienced window installers enhance their knowledge and skills through manufacturer training.

For instance, Renewal by Andersen® requires the following before certifying a window contractor to offer and install their products:

  • Knowledge of construction materials
  • Knowledge of building codes
  • Knowledge of installation methods
  • Adequate years of experience
  • Complete business permits and contractor licenses
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • A physical, local office
  • Commitment to continuing meticulous manufacturer training

In return, the manufacturer provides complete foundation training, maintains an ongoing information-sharing relationship with the certified installers and makes resources easily accessible for them.

As a homeowner, working with a manufacturer-certified contractor means having the peace of mind knowing that your investment is in good hands.

They Work More Efficiently

Before a window company can be certified by the manufacturer that they chose to affiliate with, they should already have extensive industry and technical knowledge, which can be acquired and honed through years of experience and hands-on training. Ultimately, when they get officially certified, their knowledge and experience will be enhanced, as the manufacturers themselves also provide their own training and education resources.

All this knowledge and experience, combined with the manufacturer’s own set of installation standards, result in high-quality and efficient window replacement.

To uphold the manufacturer’s commitment to quality service, certified installers are expected to:

  • Arrive on time and as scheduled
  • Protect and secure your home and belongings prior to removing old windows
  • Remove old windows safely and handle disposal properly
  • Install replacement windows following the manufacturer’s standard procedures
  • Clean up the installation area
  • Ensure proper window operation
  • Meet after-sales service requirements

They Offer Value-Added Services

Manufacturer-certified window replacement contractors are not only allowed to offer and install exclusive products, but the comprehensive warranties that come along with them as well. As both products and installation are guaranteed to be of top quality, manufacturers will have no problem backing up the work provided by a contractor.

Renewal by Andersen, for example, offers a 20-year transferable warranty for the glass on their windows and a 10-year limited warranty for non-glass components. Craftsmanship guarantees, on the other hand, will vary from contractor to contractor.

With these warranties, you can rest assured that your investment’s value is extended. Should anything go wrong with your new windows due to material defects or poor installation work, you can count on your contractor to take care of your problems.

TAKE NOTE: Product warranties are typically only valid when replacement windows are installed by a contractor certified by the manufacturer. This is why, if you want to make the most of window warranties, it’s important to entrust your replacement project only to a certified contractor.

PEACE OF MIND, GUARANTEED: Working with a certified contractor means getting quality service even years after installation.

How to Find a Certified Window Contractor: Tips for Homeowners

Ready to find a certified window contractor to work with? Here are some tips you can keep in mind to help you get started and simplify the selection process:

  • Check with your chosen manufacturer. Manufacturers can provide you with a list of their certified contractors. To quickly narrow down your options, look for those operating within your state or region.
  • Get recommendations from friends and family. Considering first the contractors that have served your friends or family well is a great way to find window professionals to entrust your replacement project to.
  • Ask for work references. Already have a window contractor in mind? Ask them for work references to get a grasp of how well they perform. No two homes will ever be the same but the more satisfied clients a contractor has, the more you can expect to enjoy window replacement success yourself.
  • Look for licenses and insurance. To make sure that you are indeed working with a reliable and certified contractor, you should have no trouble asking for proof of license and insurance. These documents are essential because they point not only to a legitimate business but one that is also capable of protecting your interests.

Replacement windows are only as good as their installation, so if you want to get the most out of your investment, make sure you work only with a trusted, experienced and certified window company in your area.


Author Bio:

Andy Stellpflug owns Renewal by Andersen of Wyoming. A part of the window industry since 2004, he has honed his business skills over the years, gaining him a reputation for being honest, fair, and hard working. Dedicated to his customers and staff, he takes the time to help them further by writing on the company blog. Check it out for updates from Andy!




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