Window Replacement: When to Do It and What to Expect

Here’s a sad fact: Homeowners rarely think about window replacement, and when they do, chances are it’s because they no longer have any choice. Many postpone getting new windows because they want to save on costs, but there are also those who simply don’t know when to make the move. Either way, this can lead to several problems, which can affect your home’s form and function.

When to Replace Your Windows: Know the Signs

Sometimes, repairs just won’t cut it anymore. As such, as a wise homeowner, you should know when a window needs to be replaced, allowing you to save time and money by avoiding constant repairs. To help you out, here are some telltale signs you need window replacement:

  1. When Your Windows Are Damaged Beyond Repair

Damage typically accumulates. When window frames are already warped, with paint bubbling and peeling and sashes broken, you’re looking at damage too extensive for repairs. Replace the window, and you can solve all of these issues at once, letting you enjoy your window as you should.

IRREVERSIBLE SIGNS OF DAMAGE: Broken glass, peeled paint and a warped frame are just some of the signs that your windows need replacing.

  1. When You See Condensation Between Window Panes

Condensation on window surfaces is common and is typically caused by moisture and humidity inside the home. But when condensation occurs between panes, your window has a problem with its seals. When seals are damaged, air and moisture can get in between the panes, resulting in condensation. Damaged seals are problematic because they let out insulative gas that makes windows energy-efficient, leading to poor thermal performance. Not to mention condensation can block your views of the outdoors.

  1. When You’re Dealing With Storm Damage

If your home was recently hit by a major weather disturbance and your windows did not escape unscathed, it is possible that you’re dealing with damage that cannot be repaired. As you work to get your home back into shape, consider replacing your windows to restore your property to its former glory.

BETTER AESTHETICS AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY: New windows not only improve your home’s look, but also its energy efficiency and comfort all year round.

  1. When Your Home Needs a Cost-effective Makeover

Constant exposure to the elements doesn’t just lead to damage down the line, but also makes your windows appear unappealing from the curb. If you want to breathe new life into your home’s exterior, window replacement is a cost-effective way to give your property a makeover, quickly and effectively boosting curb appeal for you.

  1. When You Want to Save on Your Energy Bill

Windows greatly affect how your home keeps indoor heat in and outdoor heat out to keep you cool during summer and warm in the winter. When they are damaged and leaky, they reduce your home’s ability to insulate, pushing your HVAC system to work doubly hard to keep you comfortable. This means unnecessary energy use, translating to higher energy costs. Opt to replace your windows, however, and you bump up your home’s energy efficiency, leading to energy savings down the line.

What to Expect: The Ideal Window Replacement Process

Window replacement success is heavily tied to following an ideal process. As part of planning for the project, it’s always a good thing to familiarize yourself with how replacements typically go, giving you an idea as to what to expect when you get new windows.

STEP ONE: In-home Consultation

Any home improvement project including window replacement should start with an in-home consultation. Your chosen contractor should:

  • Inspect and evaluate your windows
  • Discuss your needs, goals and budget
  • Present your options
  • Recommend the best products for your home and specific requirements

It’s important for your window contractor to sit down with you to discuss everything you want and need to get out of a replacement because this will put the two of you on the same page with regards to what to expect in the project. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications on any concerns you might have, including terms in your contract.

FREE CONSULTATION: A reliable window company will have a project consultant sit with you to discuss your needs, goals, and options.

STEP TWO: Measure and Manufacture

Once you decide on which windows to get, your window contractor can get started on taking measurements to ensure your new units are custom-sized. With your window measurements on hand, they can then place an order for your replacement windows.

STEP THREE: Installation

Before any work begins, your window contractor will clear the job site, making way for tools, equipment and people necessary for the installation. Furniture and other items inside your home may be moved around while nearby surfaces are covered to protect them from debris.

Once the job site is ready, your window contractor begins their work by removing your old windows. If they spot any damage after taking out your old units, these will be patched up, fixed to ensure ideal installation conditions. After your replacement windows are installed, insulating foam and trims will be added, completing the installation.

Once everything is in place, your new windows will be tested to check if they are properly installed and are working as they should. If no problems are found, your window contractor will proceed to clean the job site, disposing of your old windows and other wastes, and putting back everything in their proper place.

STEP FOUR: After-sales Customer Service

When you work with a reliable and established window replacement contractor, you can expect to be provided with extensive product warranties and craftsmanship guarantees to protect your investment. To ensure you make the most of these warranties and guarantees, make sure you understand all terms included, particularly what will invalidate your coverage.

Window replacement can appear daunting, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm when you know when to do it and what to expect from it. Make sure you work only with a reliable, reputable window expert in your area, and you ensure that your replacement project is in good hands, guaranteeing success.

Author Bio:

Alex Esler is the marketing manager for Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco. She is an integrated marketing professional with a digital focus, driven and inspired by her work to help homeowners find the window replacement solutions they are looking for. For updates from Alex, check out the company blog!


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