Your Guide To Home Improvement Success

 Whether you’ve just leased a new condo, built your first new home, or scored a fixer-upper for a great price; having a place to call your own brings on the urge to make improvements to our new abode! To help you tackle the next home improvement task you have on your list, we’ve brought together some of the best tips in order to maximize your home improvement endeavors. Continue reading to learn more:

Make a Plan

One of the biggest mistakes that most new homeowners make when diving into the home improvement game is moving ahead without a solid plan. You want to go over all the details; from the estimated time to completion, materials needed, costs, and overall design. Finding out half way through your home improvement project that you did something wrong or have to start over will end up costing you a lot more in the long run, so taking the time to get a plan in place first will end up likely saving you loads of money!

Set Your Priorities and Start With What’s Important

Whether your next home improvement project isn’t planned to be started till months ahead, or if the colder months are on the horizon, some projects are much more urgent than others. Knocking out the quickest projects on your list as soon as possible, before they are a necessity is a great way to avoid any damages and will likely save you money in the long run. Some projects only take a half hour or so, and can go a long way towards improving the quality of your living experience in your new home.

Improve Your Home Improvement Skills

Whether this is your first home, or you’ve been working on home improvement projects your whole life, we can all stand to improve our skills and abilities. There are plenty of resources available to us in order to learn how to complete a variety of home improvement tasks that would simply be a waste to hire out a contractor for.

Focus On Home Improvements That Add the Most Value

When making the decision on what home improvement projects to tackle, try to think about things that’ll add the most value to your home. If you’ve set aside a budget for home improvements, you’ve probably already got a lot of ideas for what you want to do with the money, from a steam shower to adding a second bathroom, to refinishing your floors or putting in new carpets. Some of these improvements will add greatly to the value of your home, while other more personalized touches can actually detract from it! Try to focus on ones that add the most value if possible.

Decide Whether a Contractor Is Needed

Even if you fancy yourself something of a home improvement prodigy, some home improvement projects are simply too much for the regular Joe to safely and adequately complete. If you’re new to home improvement then stick with smaller projects, and learn your limits. DIY is fine but sometimes it’s necessary to hire out a contractor.

Research Your Contractor Options

Building off the previous point, if you find you need to hire out a contractor for your next home improvement job, make sure you do your research and make a good choice. There are plenty of great contractors out there but there are just as many bad ones that provide shoddy work and some even scam people out of thousands of dollars!

Get the Right Tool for the Job

Having the right tool for the job will make home improvement projects move along much more quickly and smoothly. You’ll want to make sure you stock the essential tools needed to make the most common repairs. If you’ve got a specialized job planned, do your research to determine what tools might be necessary and consider investing in some if you’re missing any in order to move things along.

Learn About Your Financing Options

Buying a home isn’t cheap, and home improvements can be quite expensive as well! If you don’t have cash in hand for your next big home improvement task, knowing the different avenues there are available to you in order to finance your next project will keep it within your reach. Being aware of any tax breaks that are available to you for home improvements and repairs will enable you to get the proper deductions once it comes time to do your taxes.

Learn What Money Saving Opportunities Are Available

When we find ways to save money on our next big home improvement project, more money is available for the next task on our list! After determining which projects are going to net you the best gains in property value, finding out what areas of the home can be skimped on while which ones should be invested in will all go towards saving you more money. You’ll want to invest in hard to replace items such as a bathtub or sink but maybe go with a more budget-friendly option for faucets and shower fixtures. If you fancy yourself a chef, consider investing more in an oven range you’ll love, and save on decorative accessories that don’t add much joy to your living experience. Investing in nice furniture can be tempting but sometimes it’s better to hold off till more important projects have been tackled.


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